Opiniones personales de speakers internacionales

A continuación se presentan opiniones personales de varios de los speakers internacionales del evento.

Massimo Di Pierro


I really enjoyed the conference. I think the organizers did an excellent job at planning the talks, managing the time, planning travel for the international speakers, and make the entire experience. I also enjoyed the conference venue. It reminded me of when I was a student in Pisa, where I remember a vibrant student community, as I saw in Argentina.

I enjoyed most of the talks I saw and there is no doubt there are some top Python developers there. I did not particularly enjoy talks without code, given that this is a conference about programming, and I have seen a few.

For the future I think that some things can be improved:
  1. require that all speakers clarify in advance whether they are doing a tutorial about something they have learned themselves or they speak about something new they have developed.
  2. require that they clarify the level of the talk (basic, intermediate, advanced).
  3. I know it is difficult to get international speakers but you may want to consider organizing some panel discussions and perhaps have some international speakers send you videos (instead of attending in person) and follow up with a local discussion.

Craig Kerstiens


The variety of talks on both content and on english/spanish was nice (the english particularly helpful to me of course). The breaks between talks was nicely timed allowing for good conversation in between. Some feedback on areas that could be improved possibly:

  • The location of the PgDay was great, close to the hotel made it very easy.
  • In getting to and from PyCon a couple of smaller buses could make it easier so people could arrive later or leave earlier, it makes it a bit easier to coordinate for non-locals.
  • The first day of PyCon was a bit confusing with the classes going on at the university, it made it harder to casually talk with others as it was unclear if they were there for the conference.
  • More power cables, running extra extension cords and surge protectors in the talk rooms would be awesome.

Brett Cannon


This is obviously from a skewed perspective of an invited speaker who barely speaks Spanish, but here it goes:

The Good: Everyone was very friendly! The conference was not overwhelming in terms of size (reminded me of the early PyCon US where you could actually find people who wanted to find easily). Sprinting was a good size and group of people.

The Bad: Not enough seating with power for working on a laptop when there wasn’t a talk I wan’t to attend. Not enough talks in English (as I said, skewed =). Would have been great to have a list of good tourist attractions to see that were near the hotel (e.g. museums, art galleries, etc. that were within reasonable walking distance). A map of places to eat near the conference since lunch was not provided and it was not in a major part of the city where there were an obvious bunch of places to eat.

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